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Technology props hire for TV and film productions

Hiring technology props you want a partner, not just a supplier

Props are not just about retro and nostalgia a la Downtown Abbey. A lot of TV and film productions need modern props to help make their scenes authentic. This includes IT, computing, and all things tech’.

Buying technology props can be expensive and may prove a false economy. Another advantage of technology hire is the ability to trial different products to see what works best and thereby avoid expensive mistakes. Call it the risk reduction principle if you like.

In the post-covid era, we are seeing across all industries, not just entertainment, a trend in capital expenditure reduction. This makes the argument for the rental of rapidly depreciating assets, like technology, even more compelling. If you only need an item for a short period of time, then really, rental is the only cost-effective solution.

Convenience is key

Pinewood and Elstree are the Southern hubs for TV and Film production. Technology rental company Tek Hire is based in Slough and is well-placed to supply equipment like:

  • Apple Products (iPads, MacBooks etc.)
  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Printers
  • Screens and monitors
  • TVs
  • Tablets

For other filming and recording locations in Scotland and Northern England (Salford), Quality Rental is another supplier providing a similar service.

Any production manager on a film or a show should at least be aware of the rental option. A good technology rental partner is one that will help understand your needs and recommend solutions. 

Remember that the tech market comprises thousands of different products and an expert may be able to recommend something you hadn’t thought of. Perhaps the place to start is to explain what you are looking to achieve, rather than saying what it is you are after.

Rental value is where convenience and flexibility meet

You do pay for the convenience of rental, but the key benefit is flexibility. Make sure that the terms you want are the terms you get. If that is one laptop for 100 days, 100 laptops for one day, or anything in between, you are in control when it comes to hiring terms.

Post-production and editing

Hire companies can also rent out computers for video editing with powerful chips and large monitors, perfect for helping to create an impressive finished product, ready for your audience. It’s the audience at the end of the day who will have the final say on the quality of your production.