Who’s Eligible?

Foreign Competition

Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) helps workers displaced because of foreign competition – via trade or outsourcing.

The U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) looks at several direct and secondary factors that impact layoffs, including:

Did – or will – the company:

  • Shift work to another country?
  • Contract for products or services from another country?
  • Compete with imported products or services?
  • Supply to or buy from a company that is impacted by foreign competition?


“Manufacturing Sector”

  • An aerospace supplier moves all or partial production to Mexico
  • A paper mill competes with imported Canadian product


  • An up or down stream supplier closes because a major client relocated to Canada
  • A trucking firm loses business when a mining company shifts work overseas

Worker Eligibility

Companies or departments within companies are certified for TAA by the USDOL after a petition is filed.

All workers laid off from those companies/departments during the relevant time period may be able to access TAA benefits.

Don’t Rule Yourself Out

Foreign competition and/or the TAA program are often overlooked in layoffs.

In other cases, workers aren’t aware they are currently eligible or haven’t accessed the benefits.

These are missed opportunities for support. We can help.