TAA for Firms

Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms (TAA) is administered by the U.S. Department of Commerce. This federal program provides 50/50 matching funds to firms impacted (in declined sales or layoffs) by foreign competition to help them more successfully compete. It has been an effective means to avoid layoffs and spur growth for eligible firms.

Matching funds are applied toward the cost of:

  • consultants;
  • engineers;
  • designers; or
  • industry experts

For improvement projects in areas such as:

  • manufacturing;
  • engineering;
  • marketing;
  • information technology; and,
  • quality.

TAA for Firms pays for half of the cost of these services, up to $150,000 in total project costs with a maximum TAA for Firms share of $75,000.

More information about TAA for Firms

TAA for Firms is administered by regional non-profit organizations. In Washington, contact the Northwest Trade Adjustment Assistance Center to discuss eligibility and benefits at:

Northwest TAAC

1200 Westlake Avenue North, Suite 802
Seattle, WA 98109
Toll Free: (800) 667-8087
Phone: (206) 622-2730
Fax: (206) 622-1105
Email: admin@nwtaac.org
URL: http://www.nwtaac.org/

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