TAA Enrollment

After Certification

When a company becomes TAA certified, the certification applies only to the “worker group” of a company, not the individual workers.

Workers must take additional steps to apply for eligibility and then enroll in the program.


An individual worker must submit a “Request for Determination” to the WA Employment Security Department (ESD).

This form should be received in the mail shortly after certification, but it can also be requested at any time from local WorkSource offices. Counselors are available to assist with filling out this paperwork or contact us.

For TAA information specific to your area, please find your county in the map above.


After verifying eligibility, workers will work directly with local TAA counselors to fill out the appropriate paperwork, assess needs and access benefits.

All areas require the same basic enrollment documents, so it is advisable to compile these documents early in the process. The more you bring to your appointments, the better.