Income Support

Trade Readjustment Allowances

Trade Readjustment Allowances (TRA) provide weekly income support – equivalent to the amount received by Unemployment Insurance (UI) – after a TAA participant has exhausted their regular UI benefits.

Depending on the petition number and related law changes, total weeks of TAA income support available range from 104-156 weeks.


Eligible workers must be enrolled in approved training or have a waiver of training within a certain amount of weeks from the petition certification date or layoff date in order to access TRA. The exact number of weeks range from 8 weeks to 26 weeks, depending on the petition number. If TAA eligible, consult with WorkSource as early as possible to ensure these benefits are secured if needed.


To take advantage of TAA training it is important that eligible workers see a WorkSource counselor as soon as possible. There are limited reasons (including unavailable training and medical limitations) for which a worker may have their deadlines waived. Exceptions are determined through one-on-one counseling.


To qualify for TRA you must:

  • Be covered by an approved TAA certification;
  • Be a worker laid off due to lack of work from a TAA certified employer during the certification period;
  • Must have worked at least 26 weeks with the certified employer in the previous year;
  • Be entitled to and have exhausted UI benefits; and,
  • Be enrolled in or have completed a TAA-approved training program or have a written waiver issued.