Grants & Scholarships


The best way to receive grants is through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA determines the amount you are able to reasonably contribute towards your education. To assist with the remaining costs, the FAFSA awards grants – including Pell Grants – and low interest student loans (to be paid back when you complete training).

The application process for the FAFSA can be complicated, so most community and technical colleges offer workshops to assist you. There are also helpful hints available on the FAFSA website, linked above. Awards are determined by the applicant’s filed taxes from the previous year.

Please note if you have had a significant change in income, such as being laid off, your initial determination may not reflect the support you need. Change in Circumstance forms are available through the colleges. Each school has an individual process for handling these reconsiderations, so it is best to contact your school’s financial aid department directly.


In addition to federal grants, many schools and organizations offer scholarships. Each scholarship has eligibility requirements specific to the population they hope to serve. Financial aid offices and school websites will provide information on available scholarships for which you may apply.

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