Glossary of Terms

TAA (Trade Adjustment Assistance)

TAA is a federal program designed to assist workers and firms affected by foreign competition to return laid off workers to suitable employment and help companies compete globally. “TAA” is also used to refer to the re-employment, training, job search, and relocation components of the program.


TRA (Trade Readjustment Allowance)

TRA refers to continued weekly income support provided by the TAA program after exhausting other UI benefits.


UI (Unemployment Insurance)

UI provides weekly income support to workers laid off through no fault of their own who are actively seeking full-time employment.


CAT (Commissioner Approved Training)

CAT approval waives the job search requirements for an individual recieving UI benefits while attending full-time training.


TB (Training Benefits)

TB goes hand in hand with CAT. TB approval provides additional weeks of income support to individuals who are in approved full-time training.


WIOA DW (Workforce Investment Act Dislocated Worker Program)

The DW program is a federal re-employment and re-training program administered by local WorkSource offices.


WRT (Worker Retraining)

The state Worker Retraining program is administered by local Community and Technical Colleges and provides re-training support to dislocated and incumbent workers.


RTAA (Re-employment Trade Adjustment Assistance)

RTAA is a wage subsidy option for TAA-eligible workers age 50 or older.


ATAA (Alternative Trade Adjustment Assistance)

ATAA is a wage subsidy option for TAA-eligible workers age 55 or older with TAA petitions filed prior to May 2009.


WSLC (Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO)

The WSLC is a federation of local unions and trade councils, as well as the recipient of a USDOL grant to provide technical assistance in the TAA program in Washington.


ESD (Employment Security Department)

ESD is the state agency responsible for administering the TAA program, UI, and others, as well as a partner of the WSLC in the USDOL grant initiative.