Commissioner Approved Training / Training Benefits

Unemployment Insurance (UI) is designed to provide weekly income to laid off workers searching for full-time suitable employment. It is possible to go to school while receiving Unemployment Insurance benefits, however in most cases approval is required.

Applying for Commissioner Approved Training / Training Benefits is the first step to pursue training while claiming UI benefits.

Seeking the assistance of WorkSource and / or community and technical college worker retraining offices in submitting the necessary applications increases the likelihood a training plan will be approved.

Commissioner Approved Training (CAT):
CAT waives the job search requirements of a standard unemployment claim for workers who are enrolled in approved full-time vocational training. CAT approval does not provide any additional weeks of UI benefits or tuition assistance.

Training Benefits (TB):
TB extends the period of time a worker receives weekly UI benefits while enrolled in approved training. A standard claim provides 26 weeks of benefits when drawing the full available benefit each week (see Unemployment Insurance). Training Benefits provide up to 26 additional weeks of UI benefits if a job seeker shows sufficient progress in the approved training program.

From the time a UI claim is opened, there is a 90 day window to apply for TB and a 120 day window to enroll in the approved training program. UI is capable of making allowances for job seekers who apply / enroll beyond these deadlines but it is not recommended.

To be eligible for TB, a worker must:

  • Be unable to work in their field due to skills no longer being in demand;
  • Have earned less than $11.12 an hour in the jobs their unemployment claim is based on;
  • Have an injury or disability which prevents working in their previous field; OR,
  • Be a current member of the National Guard / honorably discharged from the military or National Guard in the last year.

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